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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Another busy weekend…

...but also very pleasant.

Friday we went out to dinner for crappy bar seafood in Central Sqaure, and then we went “clothes” shopping. And by clothes, I mean godiva chocolate truffles (candy cane truffles rock my world), Yankee candles (Christmas cookie smells a million times better than any Christmas cookie in existence), and… *drumroll* …a Playstation 2 and a new TV. Needless to say we are NOT getting eachother Xmas presents this year. We got a few games as well: Capcom Classics, Final Fantasy X, Kingdom Hearts, and Silent Hill 3. Erik is going to buy Final Fantasy 7 and Marvel vs Capcom 2, as soon as he can find them on ebay.

Saturday we completely finished moving. FINALLY. I feel like the past five years of my life were spent in transit, and it is nice to be in an apartment that is (or at least feels like it is) completely ours. And we love it. The only problem we had is that the large couch wouldn’t fit through the door, so no more sofa bed, not that we get many visitors. We donated a hell of a lot of crap to Goodwill, Salvation Army, and random street corners. Saturday night when we drove past Davis Square to pick up Jamie, all of it had disappeared. We had a decent dinner at Koreana. I think we just had a better time than we did a meal, so it was all worth it. We also stopped at the Porter exchange, which has a Japanese bakery, food-court, bubble tea stand, and grocery store. There was Pocky for all. Erik for some reason fell asleep at 9pm, and I stayed up almost too late playing Kingdom Hearts.

Today we did a lot of busy-stuff. Grocery shopping, laundry, apartment cleaning, and so on. I did find some amazing mango-ginger Stilton at Trader Joe’s, and it comes HIGHLY recommened. I also tried something else new: I bought POM pomegranate-mango juice, and Erik accidentally bought a bottle of selzer water. I usually hate selzer, but I mixed them together and it's damn good. Tonight I have a lot more Japanese homework to do. I’m a little bit less than halfway through it, but I think it’s going well. I also plan to make brownies with candy canes sprinkled across the top, because Erik and I seem to be going through a chocolate peppermint phase. And tonight hopefully we can read another chapter of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, and maybe fall asleep to a film, now that there is finally a TV in the bedroom…


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