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Friday, November 11, 2005

Around it goes.

At work again. It seems as though I'm always at work in these posts, but this is where I have the most time to write, and the internet is a bit more stable than at home.

Right now I'm drinking blueberry tea. It's interesting, but I'm not sure about it yet. I have a meeting with my tutor in a little under an hour, and my Japanese is not going well. I hope she can help me work out a concrete schedule, or else I'm never going to make it into Japanese 2 next semester.

I'm trying to think about what I've done since Tuesday... Played a lot of Game Cube. Mostly Ocarina of Time. Watched The Aviator, which was not worth my three hours. Cate Blanchett was the best thing about the film, and I'm sorry there wasn't more of her. Went to class. Took a lot of naps. And last night Erik and I got through two and a half chapters of Harry Potter. I really enjoy having someone to read to, as well as being read to.

This weekend should be pretty busy. Saturday morning we are going to finish moving - just my vanity and the couches, and then we have to do a quick cleaning. That evening we're going out to dinner with Jamie, one of our friends from class. We are also going warm clothes shopping at some point, because I only have knee-length skirts to wear, and about two sweaters.

For lunch today I got a goat cheese and sundried tomato from the cafe down the street. I have high hopes for this place, and I want to try the salad NOW. But I have to wait until it's time to meet with my tutor, or else I won't really have a reason to be in the library cafe, when I'm supposed to be in the graduate lounge.

The lounge is blessedly quiet this morning/afternoon.

My friend Robin, who also has a blogger, keeps posting on her livejournal about her new polaroid camera. I think I have polaroid envy... I just can't get into digital cameras, but I don't have the time to devote to a "real" camera. And I fucking hate it when other people develop my pictures.

Because Erik loves me very much, he is driving half an hour to the main Fed-Ex center in MA to pick up a package we missed. It is either a package containing Maneki Neko and two strings of miniature paper lanterns, or a box of all the tea we ordered from Then we have to go pick the other one up after work. I am also eagerly awaiting a package from Avalon, but that will hopefully come to the proper address.

Everyone should get a subscription (only $10 a month) to Cait Kiernan's Sirenia Digest. It will contain illustrated erotic vignettes and other short fiction, as well as occasional extra goodies, like monster doodles, coupons to Subterranean Press, etc. Go to greygirlbeast on livejournal -or- to find out more. If anyone deserves your $10 a month, she surely does.

And now I must go eat my salad and speak very little Japanese very poorly.


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