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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Dreams so bad I threw my pillow away

This week has been a blur.
Sunday I made Erik brownies with crushed candy canes and dark and milk chocolate chunks sprinkled on top. That night I had horrible dreams and tossed and turned all night. Thus Monday was a haze, a cranky haze at that. Tuesday I took the day off and accomplished very, very little. My package from Avalon arrived at the last possible moment, and everything is lovely. I got shampoo and conditioner, two different kinds of face wash, toner, body moisturizer, and facial moisturizer. It all works very well and comes highly recommended. Tuesday Erik and I watched Eddie Izzard’s Dress to Kill again, and I had an evening full of little frustrations. Wednesday class was as dull and annoying as usual, but it is almost over. At night we went to Friday’s for a dinner of greasy appetizers (greasy, but comfort food), and they actually remembered to take the bacon off the potato skins. We got the new Depeche Mode album, Playing the Angel, which has turned out to be really good. I am listening to it on repeat this morning. And speaking of angels, I’ve decided on my next tattoo. It is a black and white engraving from 1470 entitled Michael and the Dragon, by Martin Schongauer. Look it up – it is definitely a thing of beauty. Also, before bed last night, I watched the always entertaining Constantine. I swear, that film is the only thing that got me through the second half of an 8 hour flight from Paris this summer.

I am desperately awaiting break. I need it so badly… I have class today, and then tonight I have a lot of Japanese work to do. Tomorrow I have work, and then we only have one more class on Monday before I can drive home. The only think I am looking forward to until then is finishing up a bunch of things this weekend, and Harry Potter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tomorrow.


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