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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Ho, ho, ho.

I forgot to mention the idea I had for this Xmas. I don't really get along with my mom's side of the family very well, but I am relatively close with my grandparents, and I see everyone during the holidays. I am expected to buy some of them Xmas presents, but... Well, there are a number of issues. One being that I don't even know them. So all I can get them for Xmas is useless crap, rather than a meaningful, personal gift. This year, instead of wasting my money, I have an idea. I'm thinking of picking a charity, probably Oxfam, and just donating the money I would have spent on Xmas presents. I'll probably do that with some of my relatives on my dad's side as well, because it is the sort of thing they would appreciate. Esp my grandparents.


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