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Thursday, December 08, 2005

All Work and No Play...

Well, maybe a little play. Last night Erik and I needed a break from all of our work, so we headed from class straight to the Prudential Center. I bought a fountain pen, and I really, really like it. I used it last night to make extensive notes on the opening of my play, which is now tentatively titled "Ariadne." I also went to Barnes and Noble in search of the new Rue Morgue, but they only had the last issue, which I bought anyway. I think I'm going to ask for another subscription for Xmas. It has been months since my last one ran out, and I'm kind of missing my only link to the horror world. Speaking of Xmas, I have not gone Xmas shopping AT ALL. Something else to do next week...

I am thinking of switching around my class schedule for next semester and taking Brecht (an undergraduate course that I can get graduate credit for), Shakespeare, and Chinese Drama. I'm also going to audience German 102, because I really need some practice.

I've got another busy week ahead of me after all this school work is over. I have to get a hair cut and clean the apartment, and more importantly, apply to a few English programs. I'm applying to Boston U, Boston College, Brown, and probably Brandeis. I really, really would like to go to Brown. Really, really, really. I also have to apply for a new loan, get my sewing machine fixed, etc. Now I have to go finish three short assignments, even though I would rather do almost anything else in the world...


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